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WP Plugins Manager – CloudBerriez

 Plugin by CloudBerriez to manage plugins. It shows plugin’s installation-date, activation-date, deactivation-date. Also provides option to avoid plugins to look for updates.

Gravity Forms Dependency Fields

 Ever used Gravity Forms and needed to hide field choices based on the selection of another field? It’s not easy. Requiring filters/hooks/javascript/php it’s been an impossible task without developer intervention. But not now! Now, with the help of Gravity Forms Dependency Fields, you are able hide and show field choices based on the selection values

Order Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

 This Plugin allowing your site customers to observe the shipment progress by tracking number within your store and showing every single detail concerning the order delivery. Very easy to install and use, you have a very powerful plugin and convenience for your website. When customers place an order, a tracking code will be automatically generated,

Gravity Forms User Listing Field

 This plugin will add a new Gravity Forms field to your form designer which gives your customers the ability to select from a list of users directly from your WordPress users. You’re able to filter by Roles or simple list all users. It’s simple. Install the plugin and activate it and then a new field

Product Pinning Tooltip for WooCommerce

 A powerful plugin and a lot of benefits for your website. It’s suitable for many types of business, machinery, technical equipments, fashion, electronics, printing … etc. Your product has many details to describe, you need to split the images for each department, will take a lot of your time and website space, your customers will

Wood Printing Management

 A powerful and handy plugin for you and your customers. You are a wooden sculpture or printing on wood, you are looking for a tool to help your customers can order quickly and conveniently. Simply install the plugin, upload your materials, customers will be able to choose material. Customers can add text to the print

Vehicle Rental Pricing Calculator

 Your business is the rental vehicle. You have a lot of calls every day from customers, you also need more staff to calculate the cost for customers. Please come to “Vehicle Rental Pricing Calculator for WordPress”, a powerful plugin helps you solve all these problems. Allowing you set the type and cost of renting, it

WooCommerce Add Product from FrontEnd

 Welcom to WordPress WooCommerce Add Product from FrontEnd. A handy tool helps to add WooCommerce products from frontend. A lot of WooCommerce users want to upload a product from the front end, they need a plugin that enables their customers to upload products meanwhile administrators can approve uploaded products and display them on the site.

Woocommerce Better Reports Locations

 Take it out for a drive. Check out the demo site. Map your shop sales by country – state – city. Compare two date ranges and see the percentage in variation. See the top sellers by location. Bundled with 25+ maps to visualize your sales. Accompanied by graphs and an orders report by location. Great

Orders Export for WooCommerce

 You have a WordPress WooCommerce website, your sales is quite good. However you have difficulty in statistical orders, invoicing or any work relating to orders. You must export orders list but do not know yet how to do it. Don’t worry, come with “Orders Export for WooCommerce”, a powerful plugin will do all that work