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WP Mini Map | WordPress Page Content Map Plugin

 With WP Minimap you can generate a mini map for your WordPress website. WP Minimap shows a small map of your website content on the right top corner of your site. You can see how long the page is and control scrolling of the page via this map. The map also shows your website content

Turtle Mapbox Map – Create Places Map For WordPress

  Turtle Mapbox Map is a plugin for creation multiple markers on map. It supported clusters, map styles and filters by category (with color markers). Create responsive and modern map with multiple places just add simple shortcode [mapbox].

Advanced Google Maps

 A WordPress Plugin that renders Smooth Open street Maps over WordPress Page/Post using the easy shortcode. Additionally, there are other awesome features like Map Styles, Direction Map, Custom marker Location etc. The maps that you add to the page can be customized with ease. Some of the customizations that you can carry out using this

Super Interactive Maps

 Super Interactive Maps for WordPress Super Interactive Maps is a fully-featured WordPress Plugin integrated with Google Geochart that allows you to create maps of country, content and regions as well as add interactivity such as map markers, interactive pop up (video/text/images), colored regions/markers and many other cool features. This is a responsive plugin and fully

Grouped or Individual Countries Map

 Grouped or Individual Countries Map – WordPress “Grouped or Individual Countries Map” plugin offers WordPress site authors to create a countries/territories/regions map for different purposes. You can select zoom levels, default latitude/longitude to focus, colors of listed and unlisted areas, map legends or informations, URL/Links for countries or groups etc. You can create as much

FlexMap – Google map plugin for WordPress

 Flex Map is a wordpress map plugin that provides many features with different map types such as creating area mapping, polygone, polyline, circle, rectangle, single markers, street view markers. With a simple visual map editor, It is extremely easy to make and place your map anywhere on your frontend wordpress site. FEATURES: Simple shortcode, you

WEMI – WordPress Easy Map Image

 WEMI is powerfull plugin for wordpress platform that allow to create HTML Map’s in very easy way, just with a few click’s. The MAP tag is used to define a client-side image-map. An image-map is an image with clickable areas. With WordPress Easy Map Image you can create infinitely images with infinitely areas, just a

SemanticWP Yandex Maps

 SemanticWP Yandex Maps Powerful, easy-to-use Yandex Maps Constructor for WordPress allows you insert Yandex Maps on you site, using shortcode or PHP code. MAP SETTINGS select controls set map size set map type set map behavior add any count points POINT SETTINGS hint text on icon behavior on click go to link show balloon

Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map

 If you would like to turn your photo/vector graphic map into a fancy interactive map application that is supported by every major browser and it’s working even on mobile or other touch devices, you can stop searching, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you came to the only place, since it is the

Responsive Google Maps

 A responsive Google map that allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. Includes fullscreen view and marker clustering. No API key required. Easy simple setup. No long complex shortcodes to generate by hand. As simple as creating a map, quick add a location, copy the simple shortcode to the page you want