woocommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Stripe External

 Important Note : This plugin works only for WooCommerce stores running in USA and Canada What is it Lets say you are a WooCommerce store owner. Now you want to send your customer from checkout page of your WooCommerce store to your another website and let them make the payment using stripe payment gateway &

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – Price Per Unit Plugin

 Sell products based on per unit pricing, WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin empowers creating measurable products where customers can buy the products for the desired measurement. The plugin supports area, weight, volume & box measurements. The prices are calculated based on the measurement according to unit. The admin can provide the discount for each measurable

Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce

 The plugin adds a button on the WooCommerce product page so your customers can submit their orders through WhatsApp. You will receive a personalized message with the product name, price and page link. Custom Message – Customize the message that will be send. Product Name and Price – Receive the product name and price that the customer

Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce

  Mini Cart Drawar For WooCommerce It will display a nice mini cart into your woocommerce site, you can cofigure it as you want. It has a nice very easy pro active control panel, also you can configure using WP Customizer. Also it has another module for sale booster. You can attract your customers to

Multi Vendor FedEx Shipping for WooCommerce

 Multi Vendor FedEx Shipping for WooCommerce This plugin will allow a standardized delivery process. With the integration of the shipping method, the store owner can facilitate the customer to get the best delivery service for the order. The admin here only needs to configure the module as per requirement. However, the customer only selects among

UTX Taxonomy Push Menus for WordPress

 UTX Taxonomy Push Menus is ultimate taxonomy/categories specific WordPress plugin for adding your categories and custom taxonomies to your website for ease of navigation and showcasing your products / services categories. Its a fully responsive solution with easy navigation and friendly interface. Easy clean admin interface to customize the menu look and feel to match

Kontxt | Search & Recommendations Upgrade for WordPress & WooCommerce

  KONTXT™ Demand Engine improves WordPress and WooCommerce search results, and provides both content and product recommendations. Our plugin operates for both content sites or storefronts and sites with a mix of both blog articles and products. Features of our WordPress plugin: Improved search results including masonry/pinterest styled template (instant on/off control on the KONTXT

WooCommerce Cart PDF

 Let customers export their cart as PDF Our WooCommerce cart PDF plugin helps you and your customers to export their current cart items as PDF. Customize the PDF with ease: Export all Cart Items including variations as PDF Show cart total including VAT & Taxes Add custom texts before or after the cart items Show

FedEx Shipping For WooCommerce

 FedEx Shipping For WooCommerce This plugin will allow the customer to select the FedEx shipping method at the time of Checkout. Thus, allow the store owner to deliver the orders in the best way. The order shipment now is no more an issue as it is done by FedEx. Thus, allowing the store owner to

WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products

 Take control of your product stock with WooCommerce Attribute Stock. Easily track shared stock, linked stock, variable stock, multiple product stock, product addons, parts, ingredients, combos, and much more! This plugin allows you to seamlessly share stock between multiple products or variations – in almost any way you can think of. For example: Imagine you