woocommerce sales WordPress Plugins

Woocommerce Fake Discounts

 Woocomemrce Fake Discounts plugin is great for storewide sales and general flash sales for Black Friday, Christmas discount, Halloween, clerance, store anniversary or some other special day. You can define increase price and discount in precentage or fixed value, add sitewide notification about discount. Features WordPress 4.9+ ready, WooCommerce 2.6+ & 3.3+ ready Increase price

WooReminder – Product Reminder plugin for WooCommerce

 WooReminder is a WordPress plugin built for WooCommerce. WooReminder boosts sales of your WooCommerce Shop by sending reminder Email to customers to re-order items/products that they have purchased earlier in your shop. Shop admin has to set reminder days(How many days after the purchase of product a reminder should be sent) for products. WooReminder will

SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce

  Are you looking for a way to get more sales? Show off your sales numbers like the pros Do you think eBay and Groupon are onto something when they tell you how many people bought a particular product? Sales numbers help visitors understand that they are not the only ones making a purchase decision

Profit and Sales Projection Report in WooCommerce

  Profit and sales projection report is very powerful woocommerce plugin that allow WooCommerce store owners to make deep insight into their business?s profit and sales projection report. With this plugin, store owners can examine the weekly, monthly and yearly profit and orders report. More or, the profit and sales projection report plugin also gives

WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale

 WooCommerce Simple Storewide Sale is a plugin and excellent marketing tool which allows you to have sitewide sales like for Black Friday, Christmas, clerance, store anniversary or some other special day. You can define discount in precentage or fixed value, sale start and end date, you can exclude some products, product categories, product types, tags,

WooCommerce Sales Count

 WooCommerce Sales Count is a WooCommerce extension using which, the Sales Count of the Products can be displayed on Shop Page and Product Page. Features   Display Sales Count in your Shop Display Sales Count based on Purchases or a Custom Sales Count Works for Simple Product and Variable Product (at Variant Level> Works on

Eagle Eye Profit Tracker for WooCommerce

 Eagle Eye Profit Tracker is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin which will help in tracking the Profit using which you identify the Products that are making you more profit and thereby making well informed business decisions. Eagle Eye Profit Tracker has lots of filter options to check the Profit by Date, Product and Category. Features Easily

Woocommerce live sales notification

 With this plugin you can have a better engagement for potential customers As they can see live (ajax based … no need to refresh the page ) what others are buying on your website Full control on what you want to show show just text show text with link to product show product image or

WooCommerce Buttons – Shop More, Contact Us etc

 WooCommerce Buttons is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin which can enhance your sales and customer experience by adding maximum of 4 Buttons in Cart Page, Single Product Page, Checkout Page and Thankyou Page. You can use it to add aContinue Shopping Button in Cart Page, Upsell an Expensive Product by adding a Check This Hot Product