woocommerce constant contact WordPress Plugins

Woocommerce Constant Contact Integration

 Woocommerce Constant Contact Integration plugin will integrate woocommerce with Constant Contact.. Whenever you get a new order in your woocommerce store, that contact record will be automatically saved into your Constant Contact account. You can set up different contact list for different products. So you will be able to easily segment different contacts based on

WooCommerce email autoresponder pro

 WooCommerce Email Autoresponder Pro WordPress plugin allows your Visitors to get subscribe into your autoresponder. There are 10 autoresponder integrated in the plugin. You can use any of the autoresponder of your choice. The customer details will get stored into the auoresponder list on checkout. You can add customers to a list after he purchases

WooCommerce Constant Contact Discount

 Woocommerce Constant Contact Discount is a woocommerce addon which allows you to setup discount for constant contact newsletter signups on your site. Whenever a new user signups for your newsletter the plugin automatically generates a coupon code based on the admin settings and email it to the registered email id. The plugin internally uses the

WooCommerce Autoresponder

 WooCommerce Autoresponder WooCommerce Autoresponder WordPress plugin for subscribe you customer to your autoresponder. This plugin also displays a newsletter signup checkbox on checkout for WooCommerce integrated with autoresponder. Key features Full WooCommerce integration 9 powerful auoresponder supported Product level autoresponder configuration Add customers to product wise individual autoresponder list You can add customers to a