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WooCommerce Category Hour Limit Schedule

 Live Demo Easily setup Open and close store categories hours for your online store. Do you need a simple way to disable orders from certain ctegories of your store from being accepted outside select hours in the day? The Hour Limit WooCommerce (HLW) plug-in allows you to easily manage the WooCommerce checkout functionality enabling the

Advanced Event Manager – WordPress Calendar Plugin

  Change log 11.11.2017 Initial Release

Stachethemes Event Calendar

   – Allow users to submit events from the front-end – Create single or multiple day events – Pick any color you like for your calendar category – Repeat event daily, weekly, monthly or yearly – Duplicate event – Set featured event – Import & Export .ics files – Option to choose how many times

Woocommerce Better Reports – Comparison

 Compare two or more products, categories or a mix of the two Check the screenshots and the video! Take it out for a drive. Check out the demo site. Want to know how a product or category is doing compared to others? Make better business decisions comparing and analyzing better your business data. Features Group

Peekaboo Timer

 Peekaboo Timer is a handy wordpress plugin which allows web sites owners tocontrol the visibility of the content in accordance with various time-related criteria. You can choose to automatically display or hide content through time using any of the34 shortcodes, and thus make your WordPress site more dynamic and “intelligent”. Hide or show the content