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Smart WordPress Plugins Bundle

 This Bundle contains 4 WordPress Plugins. All the plugins are responsive, fully customizable, mobile friendly and well documented. Plugins List & Previews: Instagram Feed: Embed Instagram Photos Feed into your sites – Live Preview Page Preloaders: Add Animation or Logo Preloader to your website’s pages – Live Preview Disable Everything: Disable Text and Images Copying,

Visual Elements Addon For Beaver Builder

 Visual Elements is a Beaver Builder Add-on, we integrate 18 useful visual web elements as the page builder modules into Beaver Builder plugin. Visual Element Addon is available to use in both Beaver Builder Lite and Pro version, but Pro version is not required for this Beaver Builder Addon. Can I use Beaver Builder Lite

Make Me Halloween

 The magic of Halloween on your wordpress website. Scare your visitors wonder of Halloween. Features: Head Items: Spider (Animated) Spiderweb (Blac and White Color) Footer Items: 2 Ghost (Animated) Zombie Hands (Animated) Grave Video Tutorial SUPPORT: Attention! Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, not support CSS3 animation for SVG. I’d be glad to help you, if

WooCommerce CyberSource SA Web/Mobile Payment Form

 This extension allows you to accept payments in WooCommerce via CyberSource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile. Demo URL http://www.scriptcombo.com/cybersource/

Header Replacer

  1. SELECT STYLING A large amount of options for your site header awaits you in the “Heder Replacer” plugin. All of them you can see in the demo preview. 2. Hide Header Use special fields to hide your old header with CSS rules 3. Customise Header Things that you can customise: Logo, Background Picture,

WordPress Live Shot

 This is a wordpress plugin that take screen shots of any website in real time and places the image onto your wordpress website. Each time the image appears on your website would be a result of a fresh retake (no cache), hence in real time. You can control the height, width, url, type of image