vbulletin WordPress Plugins

VBulletin Latest Threads

 Description vBulletin Latest Threads and comments plugin for WordPress is a great plugin for WordPress and vBulletin4 and vBulletin5 users. This plugin hooks into a vBulletin database and displays vBulletin threads and comments in a WordPress sidebar widget. Features WordPress/vBulletin integration (vBulletin 4.x, vBulletin5.x) Custom avatars Creates a trackback link in vBulletin thread to your

vBulletin to WordPress Importer

 Have you ever tried to use WordPress plugins to fetch posts from Vbulletin Forums which you do not own and found yourself in a hanging mess ? We all want content and this plugin makes life easier, just few settings and you are ready to go..! This plugin allows a user to fetch any remote