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WordPress Sandbox – Easy To Create a Test Environment

  WordPress Sandbox Plugin This plugin creating an exact copy of your site in the same environment. It also allows you to test new plugins and themes without affecting visitors. With just few clicks, this plugin creates an exact copy of your WordPress site on your existing hosting provider. The staging environment is completely independent

SentiPress Comment Sentiment analysis

  Get clear view of what readers / users feel in a single snapshot SentiPress is an AI powered comment sentiment analysis tool which aims at solving the problem of understanding the users sentiment towards your product or post Reading hundreds of comments and getting to know what users feel is very important , but

Eight Degree Dual Buttons

 Eight Degree Dual Buttons– is a WordPress dual button builder plugin that allows you to create unlimited button variations without any coding. Dual Button is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to style up your buttons with beautiful CSS3 effects. Packed with 16 cool animation templates, facilities to make a button(dropdown, modal or tooltip

Undo and Redo for Visual Composer

 Undo and Redo for Visual Composer gives you the number one missing feature in Visual Composer: having the ability to undo and redo your changes. Now you will be able to easily revert back a mistake you did. You can undo/redo every change you perform in Visual Composer, such as moving elements, adding/removing elements, and

Slim Translate


WP Hierarchy Page Plugin

 It may happen that your website tree is really complex (many pages, many nesting points). It makes really difficult parent page selection from the parent dropdown, in the page edit screen. This plugin adds a button, just over the parent dropdown, that show the website’s tree in a hierarchy structure. You may browse easily your

DYNAMO – WordPress Data Generation Utility

 Dynamo is a powerful and accurate content generation utility for WordPress blogs. You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly. High speed, multi-threaded, and accurate data generation – directly saves data to WordPress WXR file. It’s a must-have tool for any developer or freelancer who wants to bulk import

Link Counter – Enhance Your WordPress Links

 Link Counter enhances WordPress links by adding a click counter to them. With an interesting title and a lot of clicks, readers will be more subject to click. Counters are added automatically and require no configuration: install and use enhanced links. You can disable counters on some posts while keeping the other ones active.

Media Screens CSS

 Media Screens CSS plugin now allows you to write CSS for any device or screens for any post/page via CSS Query Interface or Visual Composer interface. Features: Write CSS for Devices and/or Media Screens Define Unlimited Media Screens Visual Composer Extension Included Toggle Visual Composer Elements Completely hookable and filterable for developers Demo Login URL:

Comments Lightbox

 This plugin allows you to transform links to comments into a lightbox displaying comments without refreshing the page. The lightbox works out of the box and require no configuration. It also takes care of matching the style of the currently active WordPress theme on your site. Here is the requirement: Your theme must use the