userpro WordPress Plugins

UserPro Addons Bundle

 Userpro presents you the all new addon bundle . Now you can integrate private messaging , bookmarks, dashboard and more with UserPro enabled sites. Addon bundle is the one man army that you need to succeed . Note: This plugin requires UserPro plugin to be installed and activated

Memberlist layouts for UserPro

 Now you can display your UserPro members list in visually stunning ways! . The addon provides many different layouts and each layout has a different effect which gives it a beautiful dynamic touch. Note : This addon works along with UserPro and is compatible with UserPro v4.9.13 onwards.

UserPro Livechat

 Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it. Now express yourself better with UserPro live chat. It has a unique easy-to-use interface which makes it a must have for the UserPro plugin.

EDD UserPro Embed

 Drop-in integration between EDD and UserPro. Simply activate UserPro Embed, and user purchase histories will be automatically displayed in your UserPro profile!


 UserPro now flawlessly integrates with WPLMS. Have your WPLMS dashboard embedded in the UserPro profile page. If you are a teacher display the courses you have added on your profile page. If you are a student display the courses you have subscribed for on your profile page. For the directory members it will now be

UserPro Dashboard

 Userpro Dashboard offers an easy control over the information of your profile. The dashboard enables a quick and single page view to all the details of your profile. Compared to the classic view of edit profile page,now update your profile with minimal navigation using this new Dashboard addon. Features   Build custom profile page using widgets

WooCommerce integration for UserPro

 Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it. Get the best of both worlds – UserPro and WooCommerce. This addon seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with UserPro. The Essentials   List all your WooCommerce orders on your profile page   List recently purchased products on profile page   View order details from profile page   Re-order from

Tags add-on for UserPro

 Note: This is an addon. You must have at least UserPro V2.63 or higher to use it. Tagging is a way by which you can group or classify the users in your member directory. Users can thus identify similar people under the same tag. For instance, all marketers can be grouped under the ‘Marketing’ tag.

User profile Completeness Add-on for UserPro

 Note: This is an addon. You must have UserPro to use it. Do you have a site filled with empty user profiles which are dissuading new members from joining? The Profile Completeness Addon is one of the best ways to urge current members to complete their profiles. Show them the percentage of their profile completion