unlimited fonts WordPress Plugins

Jeg Font Preview – WooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin

  Jeg Font Preview – WooCommerce Extension A powerful font preview plugin, easily showcase your font with your favorite themes that support WooCommerce. Easily Sell Fonts with WooCommerce Sell ​​your fonts using the most widely used eCommerce WordPress plugin: WooCommerce and show a live preview of your fonts where users can see the result. Font

Font I Want – Font Management & Typography WordPress plugin

  Font I Want is a font management and typography WordPress plugin. Design your Websites by putting type first Use Font I Want to infuse your brand identity into your website. Font I Want is the only Professional Font Manager and Typography WordPress plugin you will ever need! Present brand with fonts Each brand has

Font Uploader

  Font Uploader allows you to upload your very own fonts to WordPress and assign them to classes and ID’s throughout your website. The Font Uploader outputs the proper CSS so that your font shows correctly in the browser to support your font format. Cross browser compatible and uses @font-face CSS. No clunky API or