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Woocommerce order status notifier using Twilio and Nexmo SMS

 It is a good approach to keep updating the status of the order to your client. In WordPress, admin can update the status of Woocommerce orders from the dashboard. But what a good approach if the client gets the notification straight to their phone number. By default this feature is not provided by WordPress. Fortunately,

WordPress WooCommerce Quick SMS Notification

 Woocommerce Quick SMS Notifications is an awesome plugin for notifying customer for their orders. Once order is placed customer will be notified about order status,order amount, who place the order, times for order placement and current order status. Why Woocommerce Quick SMS Notifications? Best plugin to receive updated order status. Plugin for order confirmation. Best

WordPress Content Locker Plugin

 Important Note – we have shifted some of our products in this account we will keep providing support to our all customers who bought from existing account, so please don’t worry.. In case of any issue please generate a support ticket at: Guide About WordPress Content Locker Plugin WordPress Content Locker is a

WordPress Content Locker

 About WordPress Content Locker Plugin WordPress Content Locker is a brilliant enhancement to wordpress plugins which allows locking / unlocking important content on your business website Or Blog and displays it for subscribed users only. All you have to do is wrap up your protected content with shortcode [locker wb=”2”] If users want to view