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Pedigree Pages

  Pedigree Pages allows you to easily display your animal pedigrees on your WordPress site. Add your animal details, birth date, breed, color, coat pattern, mother and father, and Pedigree Pages will show a full post with a generated pedigree tree, and offspring. Features Easy to use editor. Add animals easily just like a post,

Ultimate WP IVR

 Introduction WP IVR is twilio Based WordPress Plugin, it is made as powerful as it is tiny in interface… Getting Started Please Provide Sid token of premium account of twilio in settings, this is all you need to know before creating and operating IVR. Help Please email me anytime anywhere to get immediate help, your

Diatree fast tree and form generator

 Diatree allows you to create superfast interactive dialogue trees, navigation and forms with little effort and no programming FEATURES Easy Tree creation by creating directories and files and uploading to backend Also support directory structure on server directly. Backend CSS composer which allows selecting preset partial css files to compose a tree design in seconds

Fresh File Editor

 About Easily Add, Rename, Delete and Edit your server files via WordPress admin without any FTP and Text Editor apps