tracking WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce TrackingMore

 Track your shippings progress through TrackingMore service using nice visual timelines! LIVE DEMO (Shop admin account) user: demo pass: demo The plugin relies on the TrackingMore service so it requires at least a free TrackingMore plan to work How it works The WooCommerce TrackingMore plugin allows your customer to keep track of shippings through

WordPress Elementor Tracker – Track Analytics Events using Elementor

 Elementor Tracker – Track events using Elementor Instead of writing tracking code, or setting CSS id on every element you want to track, you can now use Elementor Tracker Elementor Tracker supports multiple tracking methods: Facebook Pixel Standard Events Facebook Pixel Custom Events Google Analytics (analytics.js) Google Tag Manager (gtag) Elementor Tracker supports adding tracking

Advanced SEO Bundle

  This is a plugin bundle specifically created for SEO specialists that includes the following products: Interlinks Manager Autolinks Manager Hreflang Manager Hreflang Flags After installing these four WordPress plugins the following advanced SEO features will be available in your website: Internal Links Analysis with Exportable Statistics (Interlinks Manager) Link Juice Analysis with Exportable Statistics

WooCommerce AfterShip

 Track your shippings through nice visual timelines! LIVE DEMO (Shop admin account) user: demo pass: demo br/>br/> The plugin uses the AfterShip service and to work requires at least a free AfterShip plan to work How it works The WooCommerce AfterShip plugin allows your customer to keep track of shippings through timelines displayed on

WordPress WooCommerce USPS Shipping Print Label and Tracking

 Woocommerce USPS shipping print label and tracking is a plugin for calculating shipping rates based on the shipping address. This USPS print label and tracking plugin has option to generate shipping print label while creating the orders, label button will be displayed on user’s orders listing page in my account section. USPS print label and

WooVoucher – Greek Courier Voucher Web Services for WooCommerce

 Greek Courier Voucher Web Services for WooCommerce is a plugin made to connect greek courier web services with WooCommerce. Supports ACS Courier Geniki Taxydromiki ELTA Courier Speedex  Functions Supported Automatic Voucher Generation from WooCommerce Print Voucher (All sizes Courier Supports) Cancel Voucher Automatic Email Sending with Voucher Number   Greek: Το WooVoucher είναι ένα plugin

Autolinks Manager

 Applying autolinks in your website is a smart strategy to generate more visits on your pages, sell more products, earn money with a referral system or to improve your SEO. The Autolinks Manager plugin, with its advanced autolinks system and a great number of options, gives you the ability to apply this strategy at its

WooCommerce Shipping Tracker

 What is WooCommerce Shipping Tracker? WooCommerce Shipping Tracker is a WooCommerce Plugin, that enables you to add Shipping Numbers to your orders, so your customers can track their shipments. Key Features Add Tracking Numbers Shipping Confirmations Automatic generation of Tracking Links Many Carriers supported (FedEx, USPS, DHL and more) Create your own Carrier Clean and

Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking

  WOOCOMMERCE COUPON CAMPAIGNS & TRACKING Key Features Easily configure. Easy to use with default woocommerce coupon system. Visual reports of coupon campaign performance . Export reports as CVS. Show total order on each campaign. Show total discount on each campaign. Show total revenue for each campaign. Show report between a date range.

OnItsWay for WordPress

 OnItsWay is an all-in-one, integrated delivery platform that manages your stores, couriers and their deliveries. You can create maps, and any changes you make in your Dashboard are reflected in those maps, whether that map is here on the OnItsWay website or elsewhere on a website where you have embedded an OnItsWay map. You and