tracker WordPress Plugins

WP Footprint

 WP Footprint is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that tracks the movements of your visitor so that you can figure out the behavior of your users and make the proper decisions based on data. You can use this information to reward loyal customers, provide discounts if they visit your site regularly, etc. Features Tracks the

WC OPB Tracker Theme

 A theme for WC Orders Progress Bar to display tracker with markers instead of displaying plain bar.

PokeServer – Pokemon Go Server Status

 PokéServer is a beautiful and multifunctional plugin that allows you to display Pokemon Go Game Server Status in all countries on your WordPress website! It also has the feature for you to upload any Pokemon Character to act as an ambassador and bubble speech inform your users about the Server Status in their country with

WP Sales Tracking – Track Your WooCommerce Revenue

 Track Revenue for your Sales Representatives and Organizations . Check out the live demo for a working example and the link to our help center which includes a killer getting started guide! WP Sales Tracking is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives your WooCommerce store the ability to track revenue generated by sales representatives and

bbPress Activity Tracker

 bbPress Activity Tracker/Analyzer tracks all bbPress forum activities and alerts you about the topic status using different labels so that you won’t miss a single thread. The plugin will then display various data that will help you analyze and improve your forum. In simple terms you can view this plugin as an analytics for your

Customer Conversion Tracker

 Customer Conversion Tracker is an essential tool for any Woocommerce store. The plugin gives you a crucial insight into you customers’ checkout experience and provides information on conversions in real-time or over a custom time period. Added to Cart shows the number of site visitors that have added at least one item to their cart.

WP Visitors Tracker

 PRESENTATION There are many great tools to get accurate statistics of your visits. But have you ever dreamed of stand behind your users to track their progress on your website or online store ? Be able to understand their logic and follow the route taken through the pages ? This plugin records the main actions

My Baby Pregnancy Due Tracker

 My Baby Pregnancy Due Tracker for WordPress is specially designed for pregnant “Moms” who own a WordPress powered blog and want to Keep track on the Baby Due date, Extended Baby Development information, Current Gestational age (like doctors use) and the Elapsed Week/Days of their current pregnancy. The plugin Baby App plugin will shows the