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Equity Options Add-on | Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets Plugin

 About Equity Options Add-on Equity Options Add-on extends the functionality of Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets plugin by offering additional widgets, which display equity (stock) option quotes for the US market. This add-on can not be installed on its own without having Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets Plugin installed first. Available widgets Chart

Candlestick Charts

  This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of candlestick charts on your WordPress website. Each candlestick chart created with this plugin has a very high number of customization options, so you can create exactly the chart you need. In terms of data sources, you can: Use the data available in a spreadsheet

Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets


Massive Stock & Forex Widgets


Stock Portfolio Tracker | WordPress Plugin

 About Stock Portfolio Tracker for WordPress Stock Portfolio Tracker is a WordPress plugin, which allows your website visitors to create their own unique stock portfolios, track their performance in real time and share them with others. Features US stock exchanges NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stock exchanges are supported. Unlimited portfolios and transactions Each user can

Stock Price Alerts | WordPress Plugin

 About Stock Price Alerts for WordPress With Stock Price Alerts plugin your website visitors can sign up to receive instant email notifications when their favorite stocks increase or decrease in price, change by a certain amount, rise in trading volume or market capitalization. How stock price alerts work? Website visitor fills in the alert form

Financial News Headlines for WordPress

 About Financial News Headlines for WordPress Financial News Headlines plugin can pull the latest news headlines for specific public companies, stock indices, forex pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies from a number of RSS feeds and display them on your WordPress website. Supported news sources Yahoo Finance Seeking Alpha Financial Content Plugin features 6 news templates provided

Stock Market Charts for WordPress

 About Stock Market Charts for WordPress Stock Market Charts for WordPress plugin allows to easily embed fully customizable interactive stock charts into a WordPress website. Plugin features Historical performance comparison Advanced look & feel customization Trading volume graph Unlimited number of charts on one page Chart builder Stock Market charts can be easily customized through

Interactive Financial Charts

 About Interactive Financial Charts for WordPress Interactive Financial Charts is a WordPress plugin, which takes advantage of Quandl, the largest online source of economic and financial data, and lets you easily add fully interactive and responsive charts. All you need to do is choose a data set (be it stock or commodity prices, gross domestic

Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps

 Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps is a WordPress plugin, which displays a world map with countries colored according to how their major stock indices perform or how their national currency is traded against USD at the moment. Bring your website visitors up to speed with global economic trends!