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Woocommerce Refer a Friend

 Referral marketing is important for online store. in order to encourage customers invite friends to buy items on your websites (via link or via email) and become members of your website,merchant can use our refer friend module . The refer friend plugin have many rich features. Customer (aka Affiliate) whom promote your website can share

Sponsor My Articles

 If you have a WordPress blog with loads of informative articles, why not make some money from them? This innovative plugin will help you get a healthy income from your writings. The design and purpose of this program is simple. What’s more is that it has afree version and a much better, fantastic paid version,

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend Plugin

 Refer a friend is easy with WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend Plugin Fully automated coupon creation for referrers and their friends. Fully customizable transactional emails with many placeholders. Get your WooCommerce referral system ready in 5 minutes. Minor update on May 12th : allow none customer to refer friends option has been added. Plugin is fully