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Swift Security – Firewall


Ninja Forms Google reCaptcha

 Presentation The simplest way to secure your forms. This add-on add a the new Google reCaptcha field choice in your Ninja Forms. Language is automatically detected Ninja Form 2.7 required Installation Download the plugin Install and activate it Get your site key and public key at this url Add the field in your forms in

WP Ghost Captcha

 Why is it called Ghost Captcha? Because like a ghost, its an invisible force, working quietly in the background, detecting and blocking spambots. Yes, WP Ghost Captcha does come with its own standard captcha tests, but these are only displayed as a last resort, after suspicious browsing activity is detected. But why display captcha tests

SafeGuard Pro for WordPress – Protect your Website

 SafeGuard Pro for WordPress SafeGuard Pro for WordPress protects your WordPress site from many types of threats, and allows you to review them in the admin area. You will get provided with very detailed logs. You can redirect blocked threats to a custom page, for example to a access denied page. SafeGuard Pro for WordPress