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Social Giveaway

 About Social Giveaway Social Giveaway is a wordpress plugin that let you create your own social competition, You can simply set a number of steps that the visitors of your website should complete to get the chance of winning the giveaway, The steps you provide can contain any social activity implemented in the plugin (

Flat Styles Addon for SocialBox

 With this addon for SocialBox you’ll get 6 additional flat themes for SocialBox. After activating the plugin, the styles integrate seamlessly into the style picker within the options of a SocialBox widget. No further steps needed!

Embed System

 Embed System extends your WordPress website by allowing you to make embeddable sections. Loads only the scripts you want while maintaining all content created from the panel. Social giants use similar methods like this to deliver their content safely to other/external sites. This is done by allowing users to copy an iframe code that can

WordPress Smart Content Gallery

 Item Description: The WP Smart Content Gallery lets you display posts / pages and social network content in a grid layout Features: Display a gallery of content from different sources WP posts, categories, tags and pages Custom Links Custom Images Iframes Twitter Twitter Hashtag Facebook Pages Google+ Profiles Instagram Instagram Hashtag Delicious Flickr Flickr Hashtag

Simple Social Inbox – Facebook, Twitter, Google+

 Latest News & Updates: New Website with easier to view Documentation and Support: – check it out! Updated to support Facebook personal feed and Groups (along with existing Facebook Page support) Updated to support WordPress 4.1 Important: LinkedIn support will stop after May 11th 2015 as LinkedIn is changing their API, we’re working hard to


 Overview What this plugin does is quite simple. It harnesses the power of Pinterest rich pins to rake in more sales,social sharing and updates for your store.It is undoubtedly the best Pinterest marketing tool for your store as it’s like running another instance of your store on Pinterest. Your very own store on Pinterest Pinterest

Social Payments

 Lots of plugins and scripts allow you to implement Pay with a Like, or Pay with a Tweet, but some of them are not flexible and they do not allow for total customization. Small code modifications allow the user to edit everything inside. For a WordPress site, though, you need dynamic content and you need

Socialuttons – The Ultimate Social Button Kit

 Socialuttons The Ultimate Social Button Kit – WordPress Edition 62 social icons 4 shapes 18 animations 49 color scheme combinations (7 before, 7 after) 7 shadow styles Using combination of these you can achieve different 24.696 styles and 1.531.152 different icons. It includes global style changing admin panel – you change style of every button