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Social Payments

 Lots of plugins and scripts allow you to implement Pay with a Like, or Pay with a Tweet, but some of them are not flexible and they do not allow for total customization. Small code modifications allow the user to edit everything inside. For a WordPress site, though, you need dynamic content and you need

Socialuttons – The Ultimate Social Button Kit

 Socialuttons The Ultimate Social Button Kit – WordPress Edition 62 social icons 4 shapes 18 animations 49 color scheme combinations (7 before, 7 after) 7 shadow styles Using combination of these you can achieve different 24.696 styles and 1.531.152 different icons. It includes global style changing admin panel – you change style of every button

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar

 Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar (WordPress version) 62 social icons 2.304 style combinations Left top, left middle, left bottom, right top, right middle, right bottom positions Fixed & absolute positions 6 color styles Half – hidden option Edge radius on/off Open in new window on/off [PAGE_URL] “Shortcode” for passing actual url to the buttons link

Landr – Responsive Coming Soon Page

 Landr is a responsive and easy to customize coming soon page which can be applied to various domains (e.g. creative, business, personal, blogs etc.). Landrincorporates the latest technologies including HTML5 and CSS3 as well as responsive design, so you can be sure that Landr will look good on any device.   Here are the main

Share Button

 Features You can apply it globally in the setting, or add each share button in the tiny-mce built-in WordPress editor. Facebook share with image support, it will fetch your featured image automatically (note: need Facebook App ID). Optional button text, icon, background, color, position, popup layout etc. Retina ready. CSS3 transition. Support touch gesture, works

Twitter Feed

 Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress allows you to easily display 6 different twitter resources in a wide variety of ways, using the included shortcode engine and widget. Choose from 5 different skins and 3 different shortcode types. The skins are fully responsive. The plugin has the option of caching twitter data to improve the performance

Indeed Smart PopUp

 The most complete and best ever built Popup plugin! With more than 100 features, you can create so many types of popups. The Smart PopUp plugin has a key feature, the targeted audition. Don’t display the popup for everybody and anytime, be smart and pick your audience. Out of the “Load Page Popups” you can