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Loupe Image Magnifying Glass for Visual Composer

 Add an Interactive Loupe to Zoom on Your Images What is a loupe? It’s that circular magnifying glass-like thingamajig placed on top of images that zooms in a part of it. Normally, this cool web design element is done manually by graphic artists. But we’ve brought it to the next level, and now you can

Ultimate Image Filters

 Apply 40+ Image Filters Straight From Your Media Manager Ultimate Image Filters is a WordPress Plugin that integrates directly into your WordPress admin’s Media Manager and adds filters that you can use to enhance your photos for your site. With Ultimate Image Filters, you can compose the perfect photos for any slider, page header or

Four Squared Image Slideshow for Visual Composer

 Create the four tiles slideshow effect using 3D transforms, transitions and animations, the aim is to implement a smooth effect and add some variations. Feature: Unique transition effects Easy to configure and use Unlimited Slideshows Responsive

WooCommerce Extension for Frontend Page Builder

  This is an extension to the Frontend Page Builder plugin. It allows you to insert WooCommerce elements directly from the frontend part. The functionality is exactly the same as in Frontend Page Builder with 4 additional shortcodes. Quick Look We have included the “quick look” option. It will automatically read your product data and

WordPress Linked Articles Plugin

 WordPress Linked Articles Plugin Plugin allows you to easily link your articles/pages/posts into unnamed groups. These groups of linked articles will be shown after content of your post or could be shown on place of plugin shortcode. You do not need to create the hundreds unused tags no more. Just search for article title or

Isometric Image Tiles Shortcode for VC

 Isometric Image Tiles For Visual Composer Isometric Image Tiles Visual Compose add-on puts a unique twist for showcasing your images and portfolio. Flexible and easy to use, they add a huge visual boost to your WordPress site. You can have square or rectangular tiles, and configure them into 10 different layouts. We made things simple,

Visual Composer Woocommerce Grid/Carousel/Slider

 Visual Composer Woocommerce Grid-Carousel-Slider is super flexible responsive Woocommerce Visual Composer’s addons.By this addons you can make your Woocommerce products category wise smart grid,carousel,slider anywhere with Post, Custom Posts, Page, Widget as well as into your theme code by Visual composer builder/Widget with the powerful admin options.You can define your grid with devices wise like

 What is Xtreme Gallery? Xtreme Gallery is a plugin which will allow you to create awesome slider substituting the default wordpress gallery. You are creating the gallery like you normally would, but the difference is in the possible options and the result look. You can select multiple and different effects for the desktop and for

WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid

 Style/Grids Features: 100% responsive. Easy Woocommerce products Grid/Carousel/Slider management with shortcode as well as widget with admin advance and so super easy and flexible options. Device wise grid management system for grid/carousel/slider. 14+ ready animated overlap. Unlimited overlap colors with various opacity. Normal/default grid shows without opacity. 37+ product title animations. 37+ product price animations.

Smart Sidebars Slider

 Smart Sidebars Slider is a WordPress plugin that can add one or more extra sidebars (for widgets or any other content) that will be hidden behind the tab on left or right side of the screen. You can add one or more sidebars and control their visibility across different WordPress pages. CONTENT FOR SIDEBARS AND