slide WordPress Plugins

Hover Effects Builder

 With Hover Effects Builder you are able to: Apply CSS3 hover effects to the images on your website without any CSS coding knowledge. Assign any of predefined effects to featured images for standard and custom post formats. Create your own hover effects with unlimited variations of styles and colors in our Editor. Combine different effects

Ultra Portfolio

 Ultra Portfolio is a WordPress plugin used to build portfolios in any desired layout with ease. Grid, Masonary, Carousel Slider, Single slide, Classic blog style, Full width, Spaced, Outer content, Above media content, Left and right side content etc. styles of portfolios can be built. WooCommerce seamless integration takes the plugin one step further. Ultra

Visual Composer Add-on – Thumbnail with Caption

 Extend Visual Composer, give user the flexibility to display thumbanils with caption. Thumbnail support auto play slideshow. Thumbnail can be in lightbox or custom link, optional caption title, content and button with color picker. Features Thumbnails support lightbox or custom link. Auto play slideshow for the thumbnails. Retina ready and responsive. Optional caption title, caption

Shout Magic – Notices Slider

 The Shout Magic plugin is easily deployable on your website. Edit box slide. Add notices on website. This plugin support ajax function that when you update text on setting page,then notice on website has updated too (Not Refresh). Finally you can notify last post by function and place its on anywhere. FEATURE Compatible with all

Visual Composer Add-on – Draggable Timeline

 Features Timeline label support Font Awesome icon, image or plain text only. Icon and image can be in square, round or circle shape. Auto play slideshow for the timeline. Auto scrollbar support for the long content in the timeline window. Retina ready. Optional bar color, timeline window color style, label font color. Optional drag button.

Smooth MouseWheel

 MouseWheel Movements Do Not Need to Be Jumpy We want all our websites to be amazing, that’s why we just love adding nifty effects in our sites like: large images, parallax backgrounds, fancy entrance animations, and many more. However, these effects can sometimes be made less awesome because when your visitors scroll down using their

Visual Composer Add-on – Metro Carousel and Tile

 Features You can choose to display the image in Carousel or Tile mode. Navigation button in Carousel support these position: bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right, top-left, top-center, and top-right. Navigation button in Carousel can be one of these 3 type: default(short line), cycle, and square. Navigation button in Carousel with 12 active color options available. Slide animation

PopOut Content

 eatures Set pop out content – any html – pop in or out on timers. Set pop out content for wordpress Can be any html Pop in or out on timers when the page loads Set open or close on page load Choose from over 750 icons or set your own custom icon. Set icon

Post Layout: Carousel + Slider for Visual Composer