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WooCommerce Product Additional Information Plugin

 WooCommerce additional information plugin allows to add the custom features for the products, the plugin empowers merchants to add custom product tabs to add more information, the tabs can be shown as accordions, tabs or sidebar tabs. Product tabs can be created easily and assigned to each product separately with global settings. The plugin also

WooCommerce Product Size Charts Plugin

 WooCommerce Size Charts Plugin empowers merchants to create unlimited custom size charts for any product or variations with many options. The admin can create multiple tables for a single size chart, add text before and after the size charts and set the colors. The size charts for a product can be displayed in the popup

Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce

 Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce allows you to assign ready-to-use default size chart template to the product or Create Custom Size Chart for any of your WooCommerce products. Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce plugin opens the possibility to create customize size chart options. With this plugin has ready made size chart template and