sales WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Sales Page – WordPress Sales Pages Builder

 You can build complete sales pages with the freedom to create unlimited styles, with your custom logo and content. You can make unlimited pages for you or your clients from any WordPress blog. Use multiple blogs or control hundreds from an existing blog WITHOUT affecting your current WordPress theme or with other plugins. This is

WooCommerce Live Sales Tracker

 About With Woocommerce Live Sales Tracker you can track the location of live traffic adding your products to cart and checking out and plot it on the world map. It is a great plugin for startups to help them recognize their customers geographically, knowing your customers is the critical part of business, each and every

WP Sales Tracking – Track Your WooCommerce Revenue

 Track Revenue for your Sales Representatives and Organizations . Check out the live demo for a working example and the link to our help center which includes a killer getting started guide! WP Sales Tracking is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives your WooCommerce store the ability to track revenue generated by sales representatives and

59sec lite – Lead Management System

  #1. You will earn THOUSANDS of extra $$$ each month! – Faster Response Times = More Money For You. #2. WOW factor – your clients will LOVE you! Exceed expectations by being insanely fast with 59sec. #3. You’ll get MEGA differentiation versus your competition! Be faster and more responsive than the others and clients

Woo Convert to Custome

 Woo Convert to Customers help any shop owner convert more customers by providing automatically discount on products that visitors are interested in. I’m sure it happened to you also to search for a product and the price wasn’t the right one for you. What if a discount popups out of nowhere wouldn’t you buy the

Chameleon Pages

 Overview Let’s say I sell furniture. I have a single-page site (marketing page, landing page) and advertising campaign in Google AdWords. Each visitor sees the same title, such as “Furniture”. It will work well if coincide with the client’s request. However, the efficiency will be lower if he comes for other request: “Office Furniture” or

WooCommerce Upsell Emails

 Increase revenue by encouraging repeat purchases! Once a sale has been completed, WooCommerce Upsell Emails will send your customers a follow up email which recommends related products. You can also include a message of appreciation thanking them for their support or a coupon code to promote repeat business. INSTALLING WORDPRESS If you do not already

enStats Dashboard Widget for Envato Authors

 This plugin is an admin dashboard widget for Envato authors. Provides you sales, balance and statement details on your WordPress admin panel and admin bar. General view of widget Statement details

WooCommerce Surf To Discount

 WooCommerce Surf To Discount  automatically  creates a discount  coupon for each user(only for logged users or both for registered and unregistered users) based on different product groups such as categories, attributes or tags. Every day your customers will benefit from various discounts on various products. This will enhance interest in your website and will ensure

Woocommerce Autoload Coupons

 Woocommerce autoload coupons is a great tool for making discounts in your online shop. Install this plugin and start creating native Woocommerce coupons that will autoload on the client’s cart when their restrictions are met. Demo can be found here: Features: The coupon discounts will be automatically added to the cart when the restrictions