retina WordPress Plugins

Visual Composer Add-on

 Add Image Overlay and Flip Box in the Visual Composer. Give user the flexibility to display card related content, card content support text, image and icon. Features Optional title and content. Optional display text with icon or image. Built-in icon picker after Visual Composer 4.4. Built-in color style option with custom color support Flip Box

Visual Composer Add-on – Sticker & Type Writer

 Features Optional background type: support image, solid color and gradient color. CSS3 transition. Optional link. Sticker support Font Awesome icon. Type Writer background can be in square, rounded or circle. Built in color option with customized color support. Extend the Visual Composer, work fine with the VC in a theme or VC installed as a

Testimo | Testimonial Add-on for Visual Composer

 Testimo is a perfect testimonial showcase addon for your visual composer to manage your clients and customers testimonials on your wordpress website. With three(3) prefined elegant and animated responsive layout that are perfectly suited for any kind of themes. This plugin provides option for you to choose any color scheme you want to match the

VC Add-on – Side by Side Card and Cube Box

 Features Optional title and content. Optional display text with icon or image. Side by Side Card can be in rounded, divider can be in circle, rounded, or square. Cube transition support 2 directions. Side by Side can be top to bottom, or left to right. Built in color style with customize color support. Extend the

Design Switch

 Stop sending your customer through different demo installations to present the power of your theme, plugin or whatever you want to demonstrate on your site! Increase your theme sales! Most important features Switching on the fly No submitting or reloading necessary Make anything switchable you want Responsive Retina ready Bootstrap 3 ready WPML ready Custom

Visual Composer Add-on – Separator with Icon

 Features Separator with text or icon. Text or icon support link. Multiple icon, you can choose to display 1~5 same icon in a separator. Optional shape, border style, font color, background color, border color, font-family for the text, element width, margin of the whole separator etc. Extend the Visual Composer, work fine with the VC

Enliven ’em! – SVG Animation Engine

 Main features: Brand New More than 80 build-in effects Separate Animation Editor App Suitable for Touch Devices Both In and Out Animations Your SVG can be Responsive Easy Integration Cross Browser (only one effect exception for IE9) Looped Animations Free Updates & Support


 What are Effortless Boxes? Masonry type advanced plugin that gives you complete control over the style and content output. Our most important features are: Visual builder with live preview Fully customizable Unlimited variants Woocommerce ready Responsive ready Retina support WCAG2 support Translation ready With 680 fonts Optimized and fast Fully documented Video tutorials

VC Add-on Fullscreen Intro & Page Transition

 Features FULLSCREEN INTRO Background can be in (repeat or no-repeat) image or solid color. Optional intro text, Font Awesome icon under intro text, optional font-size, font-color, font-family, intro text position. Optional click the intro text to scroll, optional element for the scorll to element, optional scroll speed, scroll offset. Optional container height. PAGE TRANSITION Animation

Visual Composer Add-on – Thumbnail with Caption

 Extend Visual Composer, give user the flexibility to display thumbanils with caption. Thumbnail support auto play slideshow. Thumbnail can be in lightbox or custom link, optional caption title, content and button with color picker. Features Thumbnails support lightbox or custom link. Auto play slideshow for the thumbnails. Retina ready and responsive. Optional caption title, caption