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WordPress Localized Visitor Content & Currency Conversion Shortcodes Plugin

  With this plugin you can easily personalize content to match your visitors. By using simple shortcodes you can output localized content that matches your visitors. For example, you could promote yourself as the number one retailer in the visitor’s own country. The plugin will fetch the country of the visiting user via their IP

Hreflang Flags

 This plugin automatically generates flags, with the appropriate links to the alternative versions (in terms of language or geo-target) of your pages, based on your implementation of hreflang. Please note that Hreflang Flags requires a WordPress website with a valid implementation of hreflang as HTML link elements in the header. If you have not already

WooCommerce and WP Category Controller – AddOn

 WooCommerce and WordPress Category Controller – AddOn is a WordPress plugin for controlling WooCommerce and WordPress Categories. WooCommerce and WPress Category Controller requires RulesEngine Platform Plugin. A RulesEngine Platform Plugin: Is an unique platform which separates the Business conditions from Business use cases and RulesEngine platform will be used for future addons. Customer need to

NextGen – WordPress Multiple Languages Configurator and Switcher

 What’s new in version 2.0 Analytics: Analytics help you to understand your site user base based on the requested country. This will be very useful to make decisions on creating site with different languages. Coming Soon: Site content translation support. Important Features: Configure multiple language files (.mo) files for your WordPress site. Switch site language

NextGen-WooCommerce and WP Category Controller

 What’s new in version 2.0 New Category: Using Version 2.0. we can define a logical rule using the category. Very useful if you would like to hide unwanted categories based on the selected categories. i.e. If user selected Mobile Parent Categories using category rule we can hide all the irrelevant categories like Laptop, TV etc.

Hreflang Manager

 What is the hreflang HTML attribute? The hreflang is a new HTML attribute that goes within the HEAD section of the page and helps search engines understand that certain pages are targeted for a specified language or country. By implementing this attribute you can send your users to the targeted pages and greatly increase the