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Increase/Decrease Carts inactivity in WooCommerce Bookings

 WooCommerce Bookings Compatibility (When a customer is holding a product in their cart, it will be unavailable for other paying customers on their selected date. Now you can choose how many minutes you want your bookable products to be held in customer’s carts before they’re cleared and made available again.) An empty cart has no

WPIF – WordPress Plugin For Creating Conditional Actions (Events triggered)

 WPIF for WordPress is a plugin that allows users to trigger actions on predefined conditions or events. With this extension users can extend WordPress and/or theme’s features with a very simple gui. WPIF is simple, fast and codeless! No matter if you are an advanced developer or a beginner programmer. Simply drag&drop your rules and

Simple Country Specific Content

  About Using this plugin you can display content based on user location. The User Location is identified using their IP address and currently uses API to identify user location. Feature Easy TinyMCE Shortcode Generator Dynamic Content Based on Country Dynamic Content Based on Country, State Dynamic Content Based on Country, State and City

Thank You Page for WooCommerce

 Redirect users after purchase to a custom per-product page to thank them for purchasing. Show them you care.

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Advanced Access Manager

 Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) was released in 2011 and since then has become one of the most popular access manager plugins in WordPress repository with over 800k downloads and more than 60k websites actively using it. Such a positive response suggested that we had created a powerful tool that would allow businesses and individuals

Affiliate Links — WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking

 Do you like to see links which look like this? There’s no way of knowing where you’ll end up once you click on that! What if you could make that link look like Sounds cool, huh? Well, with this plugin, you can. Affiliate Links is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to

WP Timed Page Redirect

 Do you have a page you only want to show for a limited time? Do you have an event page and don’t want to have to worry somebody is going to be available to take it down? Then WP Timed Page Redirect is for you. WP Timed Page Redirect quickly and easily lets you set

SEO Cleaner

 We all like to give our guests a warm welcome and present a clean, shining home. So when Google comes to visit your website, we can get all the trash out of the way for you. Each redundant part of your website can pull your search engine score down and potentially harm your site’s visibility

Search Manager

 The Search Manager plugin is an all-in-one solution for managing your WordPress and WooCommerce search. This plugin gives you the power to track what your customers search for and to help them do it better and faster. With this plugin, you can: See what your customers are looking for. Get your customers to go where