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Woo Advanced Product Shipping

 Features: Quick and easy installation. WooCommerce Per Simple Product, Variation Product, Product category and Product Tag wise set Multiple shipping Price.. You can Set shipping country, state and postcode Wise On Site. Two Type Shipping price You Can Set In The Product shipping. Item Tax ( This Type For Item Quantity multiply with shipping and


 WordPress Shipping plugin is a dynamic shipping plugin for any type of product shipping. I use ajax functionality for data input, update, delete & search option both of back-end & front-end. If you so busy for other work, you can just input booking information just single 2/3 field full-up, which name is shortcut booking, and

WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date

 WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date A WordPress Plugin that allows you to estimated the dispatch date of a particular WooCommerce product or order. The plugin allows you to attach to a product, the estimated number of days it would take to be dispatched. When viewing a product it can determine the number of days before

Woocommerce Force Product Shippings

 What the “Woocommerce Force Product Shippings” plugin does : In your store you can have a lot of products but some of shop items /products may be needs only one or few specific shipping methods : So using this plugin simply the shop admin can force the shipping method for the single product by checking