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WooCommerce Product Reviews Schema Plugin

 <section id=”introduction”> Introduction Bring out the full potential of schema markup for product ( This WooCommerce Product Reviews Schema Plugin is built so that you can inform Google about the unique quality of your WooCommerce site. This way, when a search engine crawls your site it can see all of your products and understand how

WooCommerce Show All Review

 WooCommerce Show All Reviews It displays all the reviews of WooCommerce products in a single page/post with filter, enabling the readers to read all the reviews in a single page. Description You can now view all the reviews of your WooCommerce store in a single page with WooCommerce Show All Reviews. Single page review display

Product Review Pro

 An extendable and powerful WordPress plugin for product review. It comes with the common features that you may need for your review site, including editor review, user review, segmented rating, pros and cons, affiliate button and lot more. [Free Version] [Live Demo] [Video] Editor Review As an editor, you can add your own review. Along

Woocommerce Product Selfie Review

 The Woocommerce Product Selfie Review plugin allowes customers to add selfie in product review and admin can display carousel slider of uploaded selfie on any page using shortcode and widget. Features: Easy to customize, setup and use. Work On All desktop browsers and mobile devices. Compatible with Woocommerce. Customer can upload their selfie in product

WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews

 This plugin is an extension for and requires WP Advanced Comment ( Lite ) or WP Advanced Comment ( PRO ). Great product reviews can have a huge impact on driving customer sales, especially for items that are costly or unknown to your prospective customers. WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews was designed to help your customers

Envato WooImporter

 Introduction It is a plugin that used to import products from envato to your WordPress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific products and use affiliate URLs. You can easily import products from envato. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear as products in WooCoommere table. Live Previews

Affiliate Product Reviews

 More and more people inform themselves in the internet before they buy a product. Product reviews have become a reliable revenue stream for affiliate marketers. With this plugin, you turn your WordPress installation into a powerful product review site. Create reviews with individual ratings, unlimited data sheets, rich snippets, pro and contra lists, an image

Woocommerce Advanced Review

 Add a histogram table to the reviews of your products, as well as you see in most trendy e-commerce sites. Keep up-to-date about most trendy products thanks to the new options conceived to manage an advanced review system. Woocommerce Advanced Reviews offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating. It allows

WordPress / WooCommerce Voting

 AP Voting Plugin allows voting on any product, post and page to User, Visitor and customer. when new vote is given on any product, post and page than notify via mail. Voting is based on fully ajax functionality when vote is given. AP Voting is provide give vote on All Post, Page and WooCommerce Product.

Woo Bulk Product Reviews Import

 Tired of seeing 0 reviews on your WooCommerce products? This plugin will help you to add multiple reviews in one click. Simply create xml file with your reviews and ratings and hit Import…done is done! Make your products look more competitive for your customers and google bot. Google will automatically crawl WooCommerce reviews and display