price WordPress Plugins

Couponer – Discount Coupons for Elementor

  Couponer is a WordPress plugin that creates coupons directly in the Elementor editor. Coupons are a great way to promote your online store and increase overall sales. You can offer discounts and deals to convince users to order your service or make a purchase immediately. The widget provides two sources of adding the coupons

Mini Bulk Price

 Increase or decrease all prices, regular and on sale, of any products in WooCommerce with a bulk action! Simple & Intuitive Bulk increase/decrease price for simple and variable products Bulk percentage increase/decrease price for simple and variable products Update the price list or only the sale price Increase/decrease only on certain categories Increase/decrease only on

WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator)

 WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator) lets you to enter your specification and add all items you need as per your calculation in cart at once. WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Product Estimator) plugin add multiple product at once in cart according to your measurement calculation, you just need to tell the area in m2 it

Candlestick Charts

  This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of candlestick charts on your WordPress website. Each candlestick chart created with this plugin has a very high number of customization options, so you can create exactly the chart you need. In terms of data sources, you can: Use the data available in a spreadsheet

Pricer – Price List for Elementor

  The Price is flexible and easy to use Elementor widget for creating attractive price-lists and price tables. The clear Pricer widget settings allow you to display the prices of your products or services in any style solution. It will bring you impressive results without any coding knowledge. The plugin is perfect for creating an

Price per unit PRO

 This is a plug-in for WooCommerce which will help you to sell products where can be important for the customer to know how much a weight unit costs. For example when selling food. Price is recalculated per weight and then shown according to your liking. The rules can be set store-wide or just for certain

Product Price by Formula for WooCommerce

 Product Price by Formula for WooCommerce Product Price by Formula for WooCommerce plugin lets you set formula for automatic WooCommerce product price calculation. Product price formula can be set with standard mathematical operations, e.g.: x*1.5+p1/p2 Examples: [math_round] – Rounding shortcode. A number of decimals can be set with precision attribute. [math_round precision=”1″][if_customer_location country=”US,CA”]x*1.10[/if_customer_location][if_customer_location not_country=”US,CA”]x*1.20[/if_customer_location][/math_round] [math_ceil]

Price Commander for WooCommerce

  Price Commander for WooCommerce The all new and amazing Price Commander is here! The one bulk price editor that’ll bring more revenue to your store! How?! Easily set prices and sales Quick price manager Bulk price editor Bulk price math functions Scheduled sales Variable products support Super simple to use Amazing support forum that

Monkey VAT & TAX Calculator

 Monkey VAT & TAX Calculator Monkey VAT & TAX Calculator is a powerful Customer Focused Tool To help Drive Traffic to your site. The VAT and Tax Calculator WordPress plugin Lets your customers or website visitors Calculate Tax and VAT amounts based on a set percentage. Add to any Page or Post in your website

Role Based Add-To-Cart / Price Hide For WooCommerce

 An extension for WooCommerce, which allows you to Hide Product’s Add To Cart button / Price Based on User Role 1. Hide Price , AddToCart button for all product types 2. Set Custom Message to show instead of price for each product type 3. Option to hide variations in a vairable product 4. Hide Price