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Simpley – Isotope Gallery WordPress plugin

 Simpley – Isotope Gallery WordPress plugin Plugin for WordPress galleries, based on Isotope JS script. Options for number of rows in gallery and for gap between rows and columns. Styling inherited from theme you use. Installation with shortcode.

RANGES – Video Player With Multiple Start and End Points – WordPress Plugin

  A HTML5 video player which will allow you to define a playlist with sections of the video. Each playlist item will target an interval from the video.   Step 1: Installation – Step 2: How to create a new player and insert it into your page or posts –   FEATURES: Time

Before After Image Slider Elementor Addon

 Utimate Before After Image Slider Elementor Addon Utimate Before After Image Slider Add-ons is perfectly designed to highlight the visual changes between the two images. Users can easily create before-after images with customizations in Layout Style, label texts, Image size, Move on hover, This is the Elementor Addon easy to install and integrate into Elementor.

WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin

 WooCommerce product featured video plugin allows adding the featured video for the products, the featured video on the front-end will be used instead of the featured image. The plugin supports Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion & self hosted videos. The video on the front-end can viewed in the popup or replacement of the featured image. The

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – Price Per Unit Plugin

 Sell products based on per unit pricing, WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin empowers creating measurable products where customers can buy the products for the desired measurement. The plugin supports area, weight, volume & box measurements. The prices are calculated based on the measurement according to unit. The admin can provide the discount for each measurable

WooCommerce B2B Essential Plugin

 WooCommerce B2B plugin empowers merchants to use the business to business features, the plugin allows to hide or show the products for specific user roles. The products can be selected individually, or by categories, or by tags. The plugin also adds the feature of manually approval of the new user registrations. The merchants can disable/enable

WooCommerce Bulk Shop – Product Bundle Table Plugin

 Allow customers to add to cart products in bulk easily with product table plugin. The WooCommerce bulk shop plugin allows generating shortcodes to show the product table on any page where customers can easily sort products based on title or price and add to cart more easier than before using the plugin’s product table the

WooCommerce Chained Products – Bundles, Discounts, Force sells & More

 WooCommerce Chained Products plugin adds the feature to assign chained product items for simple as well as the variations of the variable products. The chained product product items can be added with specific quantity. On the frontend, the plugin shows the chained product items at three different positions i.e. before add to cart button, after

WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles Plugin

 Create composite products by adding multiple component items, WooCommerce composite product plugin helps to add the multiple product selection fields on the composite product page where the customers can choose the items of their own choice the build up the composite product based on the components. The each component allows to add specific items or