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Google Pay + Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 Supercharge your WooCommerce checkout experience with Google Pay! There are hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards, billing addresses and shipping addresses that customers have stored to their Google accounts while making purchases on apps like the Google Play Store, YouTube, or while shopping the web with Chrome. What does that mean for you

Pi Pay Payment Gateway For Woocommerce

 This extension allows you to accept standard payments in WooCommerce using Pi Pay Wallet Secure, Fast and Reliable, the Pi Pay Payment Gateway is a vital solution to help your merchants process. payment With Pi Pay Wallet, your customers can finalize their payments using their Pi Pay Account using secure Pi Pay payment gateway. Plugin

Mollie integration with ARForms

  Mollie with ARForms ARForms Mollie Payment allows you to accept “One time Payment” as well as “Subscription Payment” payments with super ease. Start accepting mollie payments on your WordPress site in a few minutes! This is very simple solution for users who want to simply start to sell products online quickly / contribution on

WooCommerce Payment Method Conditions & Priorities


Ninja Forms Stripe

 Start accepting credit card payments with Ninja Forms and Stripe! Ninja Forms Stripe will enable you to accept credit cart payments using Stripe modal popup on site without redirecting your customer to any 3rd party website. Features Supports Fixed Amount, Field and Calculation payment amount options. Collects customer payments without leaving the site. Stores and

WooReports – WooCommerce Reporting

 WooCommerce Reporting Wooreports plugin is a comprehensive and the most complete reporting system which shows you a complete report of Recent Orders, Sales based on products, Sales based on Categories, Sales based on customers, Sales based on Coupons, Sales based on payment gateway, Sales based on locations, Sales based on profits. You can filter your

GiftPay io for WooCommerce

 <section id=”documenter_cover”> GiftPay For WooCommerce GiftPay For WooCommerce Woocommerce GiftPay plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pay for your payments via GiftPay payment gateway and this transaction will be added to your GiftPay account. </section> <section id=”plugin_purpose”> ➢ Plugin purpose Woocommerce GiftPay plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pay for

WordPress WooCommerce Bluepay CC & ACH Payment Gateway

 WordPress WooCommerce Bluepay CC & ACH Payment Gateway is an excellent plugin that allows you to accept payments using the credit card or Debit card and BluePay eCheck. Features of Woocommerce BluePay Payment:- Woocommerce BluePay Payment accepts credit card or debit card.. Easy payment via BluePay eCheck Recurring payment Option Accepts ACH payment Accepts CC

PayPal Pro for NEX-Forms

 PayPal PRO – An add-on for NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Now you can build forms and easily receive payments via PayPal. Includes: Multiple items (unlimited) Field Mapping for item quantity Field Mapping for item amounts Static values for Item Quantities Static values for Item Ammounts Overall PayPal setup Currency selection Payment Transaction

Quickbooks Payments Gateway for WooCommerce

 QuickBooks Payments For WooCommerce provides an easier, cost-effective and simple alternative for a small business for accepting credit cards. This plugin supports merchants using a QuickBooks Payments account for eCommerce processing, or the legacy QBMS (QuickBooks Merchant Services) payment accounts. Customers stay on your store during checkout instead of being redirected to an externally hosted