pagination WordPress Plugins

Animated Infinite Scroll

 “Animated Infinite Scroll” is a WordPress plugin to convert default pagination into Infinite Scroll or Ajax pagination. When a user scrolls towards the bottom of the page, the next page of posts is automatically retrieved and appended. This means they never need to click “Next Page”. You can also add “Load More” button instead of

Jigoshop | Ajax Pagination & Infinite scroll

 -Three ajax pagination methods: Infinite Scroll | Infinite scroll with load more | Simple ajax navigation . -No more waiting for the next page: Asynchronously requests for each page no need to refresh. -Plug and play: No need to edit any options or to make any modifications at start. Just install and enjoy. -Cross browser

Infinite Ajax Scroll Woocommerce

 This plugin will change the default behavior of woocommerce pagination and it will add ajax methods. There are build in 3 different methods of pagination. Features: Three Ajax Pagination options available 1) Infinite scrolling 2) Infinite scrolling with pagination 3) Simple ajax pagination No more waiting for the next page Plug and play. Just install

Side Slider Post Navigator

 About Side Slider Post Navigator Side Slider Post Navigator is a WordPress plugin, which can add to Post, Page, E-commerce Product or any other custom Post Type the side navigation buttons to the Prev/ Next Post. These side buttons also have some extra features – they can display side navigation sliders on hover of them.

Page-Links Plus

 Page-Links Plus is a WordPress plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently. It solves four important challenges: First, it adds a “view as single page” option to WordPress page lists. (Natively, WordPress page lists do not include this option.) Second, it helps non-developers style page lists and manage pagination parameters (eg., Third,