Order Status WordPress Plugins

Essie Email and Order Status Creator for WooCommerce

  Build WooCommerce emails with HTML/CSS and Shortcodes • 90+ Easy-to-understand shortcodes to display customer, order and product data. • 11 Enhanced WooCommerce HTML emails are ready to use. • 1 Bonus custom HTML email. Just copy paste on the code editor. • Import XML file to setup sample emails and start coding quickly. •

Essie WC Email and Order Status Creator

 Plugin Features • Create HTML emails from scratch. • Flexible code editor that makes code easier to write and manage. • Use the power of WordPress shortcode to generate order and customer data. • Looping shortcodes can also be used to generate multiple order items. • Shortcode loops allows HTML for better customization. • Preview

Woocommerce Custom Order Statuses and Order Page Manager

 The Woocommerce Custom Order Statuses and Order Page Manager allows you to create, edit, and delete custom order statuses and integrate them seamlessly into your WooCommerce order management flow. Custom order statuses will be used in your orders list, and can even be integrated into the order actions or bulk actions for a completely seamless

Custom Order Status

 Best Easy way to add Custom Order Status integrated with wordpress using custom orders settings page. Custom Order Status allows you to add custom order status using custom order setting page. To add custom status go to Woocommerce > Custom Orders. Now you can see custom order staus in orders page, here you can change

WP MyOwnSMS Notifications

 Overview Improve customer relationship without additional costs. Communication is directed from your site to your phone without any external services. MyOwnSMS Notifications is associated with your domain, and automatically communicates with MyOwnSMS App installed on the mobile phone you want to use for sending SMS. SMS communication and sending does not switch from external servers,

WooCommerce SMS

 Send SMS text messages to your customers when their order status changes! WooCommerce SMS supports processing, completed, refunded, partially refunded and cancelled order statuses. The plugin will add a new form field on your checkout and on the users account details page where they can add their mobile number. WooCommerce SMS also supports variables in