on-line shop WordPress Plugins

Woocommerce connection to Admitad

 Plugin BG_WP_ADMITAD creates connection to affiliate program Admitad to get more visitors to your online shop. Admitad offers for on-line stores sites additional traffic with pay per completed purchase. To create affiliate network it’s necessary to share store contents, organize monitoring attracted user’s actions on the on-line shop and record their completed purchases.

Woocommerce WebPay Gateway

 Plugin wc_webpay_gateway is WebPay Gateway for Woocommerce on-line shop and can be utilized for checkout with VISA and MasterCard bank cards in Belarus. This plugin extends the WooCommerce payment options by allowing you to accept payments via credit card on your on-line shop site Electronic payment system WEBPAY™ is comfortable and safe on-line payment tool

YML Dump On-line Shop Content

 Plugin BG_YML_DUMP to YML Dump WordPress + Woocommerce on-line shop content. YML (Yandex Markup Language) is formalized by Yandex XML subset. It’s utilized to dump on-line shop content (categories and products) and then load it to Yandex Market and some other partner program. You can get detais here http://www.stseprounof.org/yml-dump-wordpress-woocommerce-on-line-shop-content/ During dump process: header is created