multi language WordPress Plugins

My WP Translate – Easiest Translation Plugin

 My WP Translate is the plugin for anyone looking to cater to a global audience. Not only will translate your content, it can also translate plugins, export .po files and offer multi-lingual search. A must for serious businesses. Easy Installation

Easy Multilanguage Builder for static WP sites

 “Easy Multilanguage Builder” plugin helps you to create structural multilingual WordPress website. It means that it doesn’t use any translational technology such as database dictionary, .mo .po i18n files, WPML or something like that. etc… So using our approach is much more easy than other approaches. No code headache, no .mo & .po editing, no

PO Composer | Plugin to Manage Localization Files

 What is PO Composer for? Any of you have probably faced the problem related to theme localization for WordPress. To be more specific, the localization itself do not cause any problems, but futher updates may bring some troubles: we get a new .po-file, where some lines have changed, some have added, and some of them

Hreflang Manager

 What is the hreflang HTML attribute? The hreflang is a new HTML attribute that goes within the HEAD section of the page and helps search engines understand that certain pages are targeted for a specified language or country. By implementing this attribute you can send your users to the targeted pages and greatly increase the

Simple Social Bar

 Why do you have to choose this plugin? There are 3 special reasons. First is floating feature; this will show the social bar full time(eye catch your visitors) and get you maximum share. Second is using socialite; this loads script only when necessary(hovering/ or customizable seconds after page load). This will have no affect to