mode WordPress Plugins

Night Mode Pro – WordPress Plugin

 Night Mode Pro With Night Mode Pro plugin you can easily change the background color of pages and adjust it to improve the readability of text, images and videos, Protect eyes from hurting when the screen is too bright by dimming the light or vise-versa. Why Night Mode Pro plugin? – help visitors reading more

Go Night Dark Mode / Night Mode WordPress Plugin

 Go Night Dark Mode/Night Mode WordPress Plugin enables dark mode or night mode with multiple options for your website. Dark mode is a new trend on web design. Desktop apps like Adobe Softwares have already implemented dark mode into their UI, now this plugin adds dark mode/night mode feature into your WordPress installation.

Night Mode for WordPress

 Night Mode is the ideal solution to switch web page between Night Mode and normal style smoothly to improve the readability of text, images and videos. Why Night Mode plugin? – help visitors reading more articles. – help visitors spend more time in your website. – Protect eyes from hurting. Customize – Change Night Mode

Visual Composer – Shortcode Viewer

 Visual Composer Shortcode Viewer allows you view, edit, add any shortcode/element on Visual Composerinterface. At the moment, you need to switch into Classic Mode and find the shortcode or shortcodes for individual elements or sections of content with hundreds of lines of shortcodes and all those confusing. Disadvantage of Classic Mode: You miss a tag