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WP Mini Map | WordPress Page Content Map Plugin

 With WP Minimap you can generate a mini map for your WordPress website. WP Minimap shows a small map of your website content on the right top corner of your site. You can see how long the page is and control scrolling of the page via this map. The map also shows your website content

Turtle Mapbox Map – Create Places Map For WordPress

  Turtle Mapbox Map is a plugin for creation multiple markers on map. It supported clusters, map styles and filters by category (with color markers). Create responsive and modern map with multiple places just add simple shortcode [mapbox].

Interactive US Map

 WORDPRESS US SVG BASED MAP PLUGIN This WP plugin allows you to embed a customizable SVG based interactive US map into your WordPress site. And allows you to customize and modify its look and links via an easy to use interface in the WP admin panel without any coding knowledge. FEATURES OF THE MAP PLUGIN