jquery WordPress Plugins

DC Panorama

 A wordpress jquery plugin for viewing image panorama. It is super fast and optimized coded and with a new way to add image in the website that makes the loading process faster. You can use it for any purpose like either your real estate property view or your wedding or room view. In a short,

Reading Progress Bar

 Give your readers a graphical view of the estimation time & reading progress per post. This plugin works perfectly with all devices and browsers including IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android browser, Opera, iOs browser. FEATURES iOS and Android optimized All major browser compatible Custom builder included Responsive (Works with all devices) Compatible with Bootstrap Display

Easy Print – Responsive FlipBook Extension

 This plugin is an extension for Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin. With Easy Print – Responsive FlipBook WP Extension you will easy print any page or book. Event the HTML pages are automatically rendered. The process is completely effortless and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. To see how easy it is just view our video presentation.

Hello Accordion WordPress Widget

 Hello Accordion Hello accordion is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating accordion elements from any widgets you have! Plugin comes with 11 predefined styles and ajax loading included for your site loading acceleration! If you want to organize or group your widgets into something clean and beautiful – this plugin is just

CCSlider 3d/2d Slideshow – Layers Extension

 Features 14 HTML5 Canvas based 3d animated effects. 16 stylish 2d animated effects. Fallback to a 2d effect of your choice for browsers that don’t support HTML5 Canvas. Can also mention an animation speed for the fallback effect. Option to mention the number of slices for 3d effects. Option to mention the animation delay between

Hello Scrollbar

 Hello Scrollbar Hello scrollbar is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating scroll areas in sidebar or page content! If your sidebar contains plenty widgets and you want to save some space – you will find this plugin extremely useful. Built-in editor button allows you to create scroll areas in your content. The

InstaMax – Instagram Photo Gallery on your Website

 Instamax 4.0 – is a WordPress plugin used to display all your Instagram Photos on your website! Create a complete Photo section on your website with just Instagram and Instamax Any Photo you add to your Instagram Account will automatically show up on your Instamax Gallery. In short, Instamax will link your Instagram account with

PDF Wizard – Responsive FlipBook WP Extension

 This plugin is an extension for Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin. With PDF Wizard – Responsive FlipBook WP Extension you will easily convert any PDF into a fully functional FlipBook with just few clicks. It works on any server, high resolution images for zoomed pages will be created for you automatically. The process is completely effortless


 PostSwitch is a wordpress plugin for administration of posts and pages. It allows you to switch from one page/post to another very quickly and faster while you are on one page/post. This plugin saves you time and free you from the repetitions of going back and forth to access another page/post. Features: Quickly switch from


 Hotspotix allows you to easily enhance and animate your images with dots, lines and bubbles. Animated images with a responsive layout and an easy WYSIWYG dashboard editor. More than a hundred combined styles: color, size, direction, point types, bubbles and animation. Hotspotix supported without animations in: Internet Explorer: 9 Hotspotix full supported in: Internet Explorer: