jquery WordPress Plugins

 What is Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful responsive video player for your wordpress website that can play, streaming videos from your server or Youtube videos. It only requires the mp4 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices

Morphy Buttons – Visual Composer Addon

 About Morphy Buttons Morphy buttons is a premium multi-purpose jQuery library for smart, fast, modern and comfortable showing of additional content, video and pictures. It is the best library to show your visitor the relative content without leaving current page. When the visitor opens the page, he sees only buttons, the content is hidden but

WP Ajax Messages System

 WP Ajax Messages System is a private messages system plugin for wordpress that allows you to interact with your wordpress users and according to user roles Contacts based on users roles Instant Filter Contacts Instant Read Messages Instant Send Messages Instant Delete Messages Built Using Bootstrap 3.X Responsive Requeriments: WordPress 3.4+

Woo Product Viewer with Hotspot

 Key features -Admin editor with drag and drop -Unlimited frames and hotspots -Auto rotates frames -Auto slides and opens hotspot content -Hotspot thumbnail -Any kind of hotspot content -8 positions of hotspot content -9 positions of hotspot anchor -Responsive -Works on mobile -And more…

Datmenu – Responsive Menu Plugin

 Plugin Overview Easy To use – Just install plugin in WordPress and You are ready to go with default settings Multiple Animations – We created 3 different animation effects for menu to show and will produce more Easy Modifications – It is real easy to customize every aspect of plugin from our Control Panel Top

Jumbo: A 3-in-1 full-screen menu for WordPress

 Jumbo: A super-customizable menu plugin for WordPress Thank you for becoming acquainted with Jumbo! Jumbo is a WordPress menu plugin that you can add to any theme, and it comes with a bit of a unique twist. Next to allowing you to builda bold, memorable and fully responsive full-screen menu, you can also create an

Royal Audio Player

 Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your wordpress website that runs on all major browsers and mobile devices likeiPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows8. It supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks. There are four playlist types, the first playlist type is the normal type

Mine Flipbook jQuery

 Features: flipbook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. You need to download it separately here.This library is free to personal use. If you need for commercial use – here you can buy license “3rd release”.Cost of License “turn.js 3rd release” is 45$ for five domains (

Adf.ly ShortUrl

 This plugin insert adfly easylink to your editor automatically. You can use Adf.ly ShortUrl to automatically add AdF.ly affiliate redirects to all links in your post/page content without effecting other parts of your site. Features Create loads of money with AdF.ly using ads that get you paid for every view. Full admin panel with documentation

WP Page Transitions

 With WP Page Transitions you can add beatiful transitions between your wordpress pages! You can set the transitions on a global level or you can customize it per page. You could also choose to use only in transitions or only out transitions instead of both!