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Easy Analytics Tracking

 Easy Analytics Tracking Easy Analytics Tracking is a WordPress Plugin to help you connect you website page with mainstream marketing tools and to kickstart your digital marketing strategies with just one click. You can use this plugin in all your sites forever ! How To Use – Install the plugin in your WordPress – Select

Goo Include Me

 Include custom JavaScript, CSS files and custom HTML codes in a front-end of your WordPress installation, controlling their placement and insertion in various ways. Insert with ease (but not limited to): Google – Analytics tracking code, Page Level Ads code, AdSense code Facebook Comments code Third party social buttons and scripts code Custom JavaScript and/or

WordPress Dynamic Keyword Insertion

 This plugin grabs the keyword used to trigger your Adwords ad and inserts it into your WordPress page where the plugin’s shortcode is. If no keyword is found, the plugin will check to see if there is an organic search keyword in the referring URL, and insert that keyword. If no organic keyword is found,

Intermedia – Link Your Media Libraries

 Intermedia lets you access all of your WordPress sites media libraries when authoring new posts and pages. It’s secure, simple, and beautiful. What can it do? Browse the media libraries of multiple sites from one Insert items into posts and pages, then interact with them naturally (resize, align, etc) What can’t it do (yet)? Media


 Description Extends native oEmbed support, collect urls, multimedia or simply save stuff for later! Main Features: Embed anything from the web Supports 170+ services Extends native oEmbed Collector: detects and parse supported urls automatically! (watch demo) Easy to use as gallery Loads faster in the DOM (videos and iframes) Tinymce button. Widget Responsive (tested on