helper WordPress Plugins

WP Ultimate Tours Builder

 PRESENTATION Easily create beautiful and useful virtual tours on your WordPress website by using this unique and awesome premium plugin ! Its intuitive and powerful conditional system allows you to create intelligent tours in which each step is displayed according to the conditions defined (example : “if the current page is” …, “if the button

Gravity Forms international phone input

 This plugin can be used for for easy phone number input in international format with using flags of countries. Consist the option to set country automatically (using client IP) and phone number validation. To start plugin work – you need to activate it and enable “Friendly int. phone field” on your “Phone” field. It’s really

Woocommerce Products Wizard

 Woocommerce Products wizard helps a customer by creating the shop-wizard from the product categories and filtering products by the customer choice on the each step. Main features: Control the product or product variation visibility by AND/OR conditions; Choose which terms will used in the wizard and set their order; Control the each tab description text

Visual Shortcodes

 What is Visual Shortcodes? Visual Shortcodes is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage all your shortcodes. It gives you easy access to the shortcodes that you use the most frequently, or you can see a list of all shortcodes available in your theme, including the shortcodes from third-party plugins. Features Supports shortcodes from third-party

WP Flat Visual Assistant Creator

 PRESENTATION Create easily your own flat and responsive visual assistants on your wordpress website . An helper (assistant) is a sequence of text, tooltips and dialog windows that guide the user, even through the different pages of the site. It can be launched automatically upon arrival on a page (once or every time), or when