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Security Ninja PRO

 Years of industry’s best practices on security combined in one plugin! perform 40+ security tests including brute-force attacks check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes checks for Timthumb vulnerability take preventive measures against attacks don’t let script kiddies hack your site use included code snippets for quick fixes extensive help and descriptions of tests

Malware Scanner add-on for Security Ninja

 Keep your plugin, theme and custom files in check! one click scan – quickly identify problematic files scan all (active and disabled) theme files scan all (active and disabled) plugin files scan all files uploaded to wp-content folder scan options DB table more than 20 tests performed on each file detects malicious code even if

5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection

 Add bank-grade security powered by Google to your site Each login requires a new, unique, time restrained OTP (one time password) your phone generates. Even if someone knows your password they won’t be able to login. If someone tricks you into clicking “remember password” on an unsafe computer – it won’t matter! If someone steals