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Gravity Forms Validation Rules

 Gravity Forms Validation Rules allows you to create custom validations for each field as long as the field type is single text, address, or date. In addition to creating custom validation rules, you can also write a specific error message for each validation rule. You can group validation rules for each field into two categories:

Multi-Currency for Gravity Forms

 An extremely helpful Gravity Forms addon which allows your visitors to view prices and make payments in their preferred currency. Multi-currency for Gravity Forms has all the possible Multi-currency related features carefully crafted into one plugin for user ease and performance. Allow user to see prices and make payment in their preferred currency Your customers

Gravity Forms Image Choices

 Gravity Forms Image Choices allows you to easily convert gravity forms dropdown field to nice looking fully responsive image choices, you can attach image to each dropdown option and it supports conditional logic, calculations just like a standard dropdown field. Take a look at the live demo & video tutorial, if you have any questions

GravityMemberPro – Create membership site with Gravity Forms | Membership Plugin

 Create membership site with Gravity Forms. Membership system for gravity forms Features list: Multiple Memberships Multiple Membership Groups Membership Pricebox Content Restriction Custom Login Form Custom register Form Membership permissions Discount codes Member & Admin notifications Your membership shortcode Membership price, one-time billing, recurring billing Payments handled by gravity forms Optional post/page custom message and

Gravity Forms Work Hours Field

 This addon for Gravity Forms allow you to add working/business hours field to your form. Controls allows to set data flexible for each day or ranges. You can configure time format – 12 or 24 hours, set custom time steps for start/end dropdowns. Features: Easy to install and configure 12 or 24 hours format Configurable

Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations

 Gravity Forms Advanced Calculation is a very unique and powerful gravity forms add-on. You can easily create very advanced calculations with your gravity forms which was not possible before. You can build all kinds of calculators e.g loan & mortgage calculation, fitness calculators, diet calculators. You can build very complexed order forms easily with our

Gravity Forms Date Range Picker

 Welcome to Gravity Forms Date Range Picker Gravity Forms Date Range Picker is a field addon that will let you add and configure a date range field to any form in Gravity Forms. This is useful if you have a booking form that requires your users to enter start date and end date or any

Gravity Forms Group Fields Add-on – (Fieldset, Accordion)

  Easily groups Gravity Forms form fields using fieldset, accordion or a simple div wrapper. Group fields can be nested to each other so you can wrap the fields using a fieldset and then wrap it again with an accordion. You can easily change the background color, border and other more. Note: This plugin only

Gravity Forms All In One Add-On Bundle

 Save more than 50% when you purchase the Gravity Forms All In One Add-On Bundle. The Add-On Bundle Includes: Gravity Forms International Phone Field Input Masking – 18$ Gravity Forms Checkbox & Radio Button Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms File Upload Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms Datepicker Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Enhance Field Bundle

 Gravity Forms Enhance Field Bundle Includes: Gravity Forms Checkbox & Radio Button Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms File Upload Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms Datepicker Enhance UI – 18$ Gravity Forms Field Tooltips – 18$ Changelog 1.0.0 — Initial release.