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Gravity Forms Image Choices

 Gravity Forms Image Choices allows you to easily convert gravity forms dropdown field to nice looking fully responsive image choices, you can attach image to each dropdown option and it supports conditional logic, calculations just like a standard dropdown field. Take a look at the live demo & video tutorial, if you have any questions

Gravity Forms Datepicker Enhance UI

  Gravity Forms Datepicker Enhance UI lets you enhance the style of Gravity Forms date field when ‘Date Picker’ is selected on the Date Input Type field setting. You can choose from 5 different datepicker style, customize the color, select an icon for your datepicker and make much larger than its default size. Features Easy

Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration Add-On

  Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration Add-On makes it easy for you to automatically creates a Salesforce record from your Gravity Forms form submission. You can easily map your Gravity Forms Form to any Salesforce Object. Works with Standard and Custom Objects. Switch between Sandbox and Production environment. Features Switch between Sandbox and Production environment Works

Gravity Forms Range Slider

 Easily Add Unlimited Range Sliders to your Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms Range Slider is a very unique and powerful add-on for Gravity Forms. Please take a look at the video demo and live demo and if you have any questions please ask in the comments or send us a message. If you like the plugin

Gravity Forms Date Dropper Field

 Gravity Forms Date Dropper Field This plugin provide you a unique and attractive date picker field for your gravity form. Features Improved UX/UI Translation Available Includes 19 predifined color schemes Option to open the date picker on modal Easy to use and configure See also:

Gravity Forms Star Rating Field

 Gravity Forms Star Rating Field lets you add rating field on your gravity form. Choose from 14 different rating style and set some setting options for your rating field. Features 14 Different rating style available Option to show rating text on tooltip Show current rating value on hover and click Customize the rating label to