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Brightery Facebook Business Scraper

 Brightery Facebook Business Scraper Now for WordPress, Easy to install, Easy to use. The swiss army knife tool. Brightery Basic Facebook business scraper for wordpress, better system for data pages on Facebook (id, name, phone, email, websites ?) with the possibility to perform custom searches, seeking Profile, places and groups. Enter a search and return

Mega WordPress Bundle by Kisded

  Get massive savings with exclusive Mega WordPress Bundle, updated every time I will release a plugin. Explore it and benefit from it now! What is this plugin about? Mega WordPress Bundle by Kisded is a powerful collection of all my WordPress plugins (you can view them also, in my portfolio). With this item, you

Lazy Post Plugin

 This plugin will help you blogging fast by adding capabilities to grab contents from another web site. It also helps merging contents from many links into one single new post. This tool will help you make posts faster, also on iPad while you’re watching TV! If you are a lazy author or if you work