generate WordPress Plugins

PasteUp! – Beautiful perspective shots for WordPress

 Online demo Beautiful shots with just a few clicks PasteUp! turns ordinary images into eye catching perspective mockups. Perfect for enhancing your portfolio and showcasing your work with a bang, it requires minimum effort and yields maximum results. Created shots are saved in your WordPress media library so you can use them in any place

Form Generating PDF – WordPress Plugin

 This plugin will send an PDF attachment filled with form user data, to his email after his registration on a form, it’s easy and manageable in simple three steps, it has the most unique features, that cannot be found on any existing plugins on the market.

WooCommerce Shipping Label Generator

  Overview WooCommerce Shipping Labels Generator allows you to easily purchase shipping labels directly from your Orders screen in just 3 easy steps. Features Tie in any shipping carriers. Get your shipping carrier rates. Track packages. Easiest way to print labels for your orders..

Woocommerce Emails Customizer

 The ultimate extension to customize every email sent by Woocommerce. CUSTOMIZE EVERY EMAIL CONTENT Do you need to customize woocommerce’s default emails content? No worries. Modify woocommerce’s every email text to your convenience by your own including: –New order: sent when an order is received –Cancelled order: sent when an order is cancelled –Processing order: