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Animatic – Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

 Animate Your Existing Stuff or Create Elaborate New Animations Here are some sped up videos on how we used Animatic to create the animations in the live preview: Animatic: Sunrise Landscape Animatic: Factory Animatic: Rotating Gears Animatic: 3-Column Feature Icons We are bringing how you add animations to your site to a new level. Meet

Social Gallery Analytics Add On

 Analytics for your websites images Image Views, Likes, Shares, Tweets, Pins + Much More! most viewed and most shared over time… Social Gallery Analytics lets you see exactly how your images are being viewed and shared over time This plugin is an add on for the amazing Social Gallery Photo viewer we all know, a

Row Scroll Animations for Visual Composer

 Liven up Your Site with Entrance & Exit Row Animations First we created parallax backgrounds for Visual Composer, now we’re bringing you another new and awesome way to bring life to your layouts with Row Scroll Animations. WHAT ARE ROW SCROLL ANIMATIONS? Have you ever noticed in some custom made sites that while you are

Instagram Contest

 InstagramContest is a WordPress plugin that allows you to run contests on your WordPress websites as well as create image grid from various Instagram feeds. InstagramContest is a great tool to: Run time-limited contests or events Display your personal or company feed Display collections of photos you liked using Instagram application Display photos from your

Torchbox Image Lightbox

 A New Take on Lightboxes We wanted to create a lightbox that performs a few things: A LIGHTBOX THAT DOES ITS JOB: SHOW HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES What we disliked about lightboxes is that when you click on an image, you’re given a loading icon and you are forced to wait until the high resolution image

WooCommerce Showcase – Layers Extension

 This WordPress plugin, or LayersWP extension, lets you display your content in nice boxes on any Layers page. The plugin is as easy to use as any other Layers extension. You only need to install it, activate it and then add the content in the WordPress customizer. IMPORTANT: To use this plugin you must have

Flickr Portfolio

 Flickr Portfolio is a WordPress plugin was designed to provide a beautiful and highly customized Flickr Gallery. With amazing and innovative effects. It supports images and you can add a header bar if you want include in a sidebar or footer. FEATURES More than 15 modern and amazing hover effects Amazing Lightbox integration Beautiful header

Zero Gallery

 Demos – READ Below you will see some demos that can be achieved with this plugin. The code for the example gallery themes listed is converted from opensource projects, we are including them in the plugin as SAMPLES/TUTORIALS of what can be done. Please enjoy! Unslider: jQuery Audio Control: Carousel: Zoom Grid:

WordPress Media Manager

 Advanced Media Manager Plugin for wordpress. Media manager turns your website into a host for images and videos uploaded by users. you can create galleries, Image of the day, Video of the day, Speciallized galleries, Allow or not anonymous upload. Adaptable to any theme design. Using masonry for gallery displays and powerfull configuration tools, Media

Photo Real Responsive Product Mockups

 Photo Real Mockups allows you to showcase your product images as if they’re used in real world scenarios. Our plugin gives you 20 beautiful high resolution device mockup images for you to choose from. We automatically manipulate your images and make them fit as if they are actually being used in real life on desktops,