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Spa & Salon WordPress Widget Addon

 Are you using my Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Solution with Admin Panel ionic 3 and laravel??? checkout : this is wordpress booking form addon made for my existing mobile app and adminpanel. you need to first buy my spa and salon booking app at and then you can use this plugin.

CTL Woocommerce Search by SKU

 Are you looking for isbn code in woocommerce and cannot find it? You are in the right place! CTL Woocommerce Search by SKU allows you to search products by SKU in your theme! Before purchasing please read the documentation. With CTL Woocommerce Search by SKU you can: Theme Settings Hide SKU from product description page.

Grid Pro WP – Table View with Sort, Search and Filter

 Grid Pro WP is a WordPress plugin which displays given data in a table view and allows to sort and filter data of the table. The plugin supports the WP shortcode mechanism. Grid Pro gives an opportunity to enter several types of data in entry fields: text characters, numbers, dates. It’s also possible to do

Live Ajax Site Search

 Add an intuitive and quick live ajax search overlay to your whole site. When performing a search on your website, what normally happens is after you enter your search terms and hit enter, your page reloads in order to display your search results. This is not a very user friendly experience. The aim of Sumo

Woocommerce Where did you find Us

 Where are Your Customers finding your website? Want to narrow in on how your customers are finding your website? Google Analytics can’t determine if Word of Mouth was the referral, but this plugin can! This plugin seamlessly integrates a new area into your WooCommerce Checkout Page, with a title of “Where did you find our

Shop Assistant for WooCommerce

 WHAT IT DOES The more quickly and easily a customer can find the products they want in your store, the more they will buy and the happier they will be with their experience. Shop Assistant offers your customers a natural language search function where they complete a highly specific search tailored to their needs in