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Scheduled Auto Emails for WooCommerce Products

 A very easy to use lite plugin that adds an email field to all of your WooCommerce products. This email can be scheduled to be sent any number of days after purchase, perfect for up-selling products and customer feedback. There is ZERO set-up, just upload and activate….simple!

Recommended Products for Woocommerce Store Visitors

 Display recommended products to the visitors based on their activities on the woocommerece shop. This plugin displays suggested products slider on the shop and product page automatically. Site owner can display and promote featured products in the floating sidebar on any wordpress page. This plugin does customer oriented product email marketing for the top customers

WooCommerce Email Customizer WordPress Plugin

 Email Customizer Plugin for WooCommerce allows customizing woocommerce default emails easily. Choose from 10 ready-to-use templates with customization capabilities. Apply own email styles on any email template. Ability to promote woocommerce products by sending recommended products with emails content.

EDD Follow-up Emails

 Greatly boost your email marketing and customer retention rate by using follow-up emails. Automatically send thank-you messages, inquiries for feedback or promotions, reminders about pending orders, and ultimately drive customers back to your store. Once an order reaches the desired status (completed, pending, etc.), an email can be scheduled at your preferred time. Features Boost

WooCommerce Email Center

 Create, customize and send highly targeted WooCommerce emails WooCommerce Email Center is a powerful extension that allows you to send custom transactional emails to your clients on any occasion. Dozens of conditions ensures that your custom emails will be sent to only those clients that are supposed to receive them. This WooCommerce email plugin also

WooCommerce Upsell Emails

 Increase revenue by encouraging repeat purchases! Once a sale has been completed, WooCommerce Upsell Emails will send your customers a follow up email which recommends related products. You can also include a message of appreciation thanking them for their support or a coupon code to promote repeat business. INSTALLING WORDPRESS If you do not already

Post Notification Widgets for Layers Theme

 Post Notification Widget for Layers Theme is a useful Layers extension which create widgets to subscribe visitors to emails The plugins has two widgets To subscribe visitors to new posts To subscribe visitors to updates of the post on which the widget is displayed For example, you can send notification emails: To Subscribers when a

Woocommerce Emails Customizer

 The ultimate extension to customize every email sent by Woocommerce. CUSTOMIZE EVERY EMAIL CONTENT Do you need to customize woocommerce’s default emails content? No worries. Modify woocommerce’s every email text to your convenience by your own including: –New order: sent when an order is received –Cancelled order: sent when an order is cancelled –Processing order:

Email Registered Users

 Description This simple plugin collects all email addresses of the registered users of your WordPress website and groups them according to user role. It creates a new page under ‘Tools’ called ‘Email Registered Users’. You can then email all users per user role, per email address or just all at once through your own email

Schedule Emails – Follow My Blog Post add-on

 With the Schedule Emails Extension for the Follow My Blog Post Plugin you can schedule your emails hourly, daily, twice daily or weekly. Features: Ability to schedule emails hourly, daily, twice daily or weekly. Ability to schedule emails on a specific time every day. Ability to send one combined email for all notifications instead of