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Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator – WordPress Plugin

 Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator – WordPress Plugin With the growth of bitcoin hundreds of thousands of transactions are being sent per day. Many transactions get stuck in an unconfirmed state for days, weeks and sometimes even longer. Especially if they are sent with low fees. This powerful tool rebroadcasts unconfirmed transactions to the bitcoin network and

Mad Mimi for WooCommerce

 Mad Mimi for WooCommerce allows you to seamlessly synchronise your customers with your favourite email marketing tool. We have strived to make it as easy as possible to allow you to personalize your marketing and really make the most out of your WooCommerce store. There’s no code to worry about, no complicated settings, simply install

Marketing Automation by AZEXO

 Plugin provide simple and flexible UI for build rules with wide range of events, conditions and actions – so you can easily configure your marketing strategy. Main Features Possibility to make any reaction logic based on visitor behaviour Scoring and Tagging of site visitors Web Event Tracking of site visitors Site visitors segmentation SMS/Email notifications

Acelle Connect – WordPress Plugin for Acelle Mail

 Acelle Connect – version 2.0 (Feb 15th, 2018) Acelle Connect © is a WordPress © plugin which allows you to keep your WordPress contacts synchronized with your mail list in Acelle Mail © – an email marketing web application. Suppose you want to send periodical email campaigns to your WordPress contacts. You will need to

WooCommerce Cart Share and Save

 WooCommerce Cart Share & Save By WeCreativez 50% Off for a limited period WooCommerce cart share and save extends the possibilities of WooCommerce by offering function where user can share and save cart and retrieve it any time. WooCommerce cart share and save will definitely increase your sales and promotions. Fully Responsive Fully Customizable User

Lead Magnets pro

 Lead Magnets is a WordPress plugin, that will let you collect new email subscriptions more efficiently. Show your newsletter subscription form after you get the first “Yes” from your visitors. With Lead Magnets you let your visitors see the value you offer at first place and then choose, whether they want to know more about

WooCommerce Purchase Order (PO System)

 WooCommerce Purchase Order(PO System) helps to manage your Purchase Order System, PO generation, Send PO to Vendor by Email, Pending PO Report and Enhanced Stock Report to help better stock reporting with details of pending PO Qty. Key Functionality Po Generation, Receive PO Goods Receipt (GRN) Entry, Purchase Invoice Option to generate PO PDF, Send